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Why Avoid Content Marketing in Your SEO Approach?

Last week, Search Engine Watch posted an article about techniques for avoiding content marketing in a successful search engine optimization. With a total of 8 techniques to supplement for content, my question is, why would you avoid content in favor of 8 other SEO approaches? Let’s go through each of these and see why I […]

3 Reasons to Chill About SEO Ranking Fluctuation

Your search engine rankings are based upon a myriad of complex factors. As a business owner, you might be tempted to view your rankings as a simple thing, such as Google viewing your ice cream shop’s informational website and assigning it a rating for a query like “Buffalo ice cream shop.” However, this is not […]

5 Benevolent Steps for SEO Linking

Inbound links used to be one of the most, if not the most important aspect of search engine optimization. Due to this fact, many webmasters, SEOs and business owners got involved in linking schemes, generating thousands of links to their websites in order to manipulate Google algorithms. However, these methods made for bad user experience, […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Is My SEO Working?

Most people hope to see first page rankings, preferably in the top 3, as a result of SEO. But, as any good optimizer would tell you, this takes time. Many of the sites that appear on the first page in Google for your desired search terms have domain authority, good traffic flow and, even if […]

A TMG Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Primer

You may have noticed on our services page a new section called “Content Marketing.” In many people’s eyes, this is a more accurate term for the traditional term: search engine optimization. The reason being that, modern SEO is based around content – good, solid, helpful, fresh content. That being said, I want to provide our […]