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Friday Free-For-All: Super Bowl Ads on Youtube

Alright everyone, here are 3 awesome pre-released Super Bowl 2014 ads… let us know your favorite! Volkswagen   Doritos Time Machine   And, since no Super Bowl ad list is complete without Budweiser, here’s an extended version of their 2014 “Puppy Love” ad: Alright… let us know which is your favorite and feel free to […]

A&E Aired Episode 2 of Wahlburgers

First of all, if you didn’t see the second episode of Wahlburgers last night, watch it here. If you did, you know what’s going on – Donnie brought Jenny to meet Alma and Paul, Mark wants Paul to go to Beijing and, lastly, Paul and Alma have a sauce contest. Of course we are left […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Use Google, Period (Part 2)

Alright… While I definitely have more search examples to show that Google kicks Bing to the curb (usually), I’d rather not bore anyone with more statistics, etc. that you saw in Part 1. Instead, for Part 2, I want to discuss the complications for developers and, especially, SEOs who have to figure various search engines […]

Two Topic Tuesday: Google Glass & Amazon

Not sure which of these topics is more exciting, so I’ll just start with… Google Glass Google has added some neat and trendy looking frames to its forthcoming Glass product. To me, Glass is a product like no other, but not for the reasons Google wants. After all, according to everyone’s favorite source, Wikipedia, wearable […]