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Media Mondays: Oikos Banks on Nostalgia for pre-Super Bowl Internet Marketing

It’s interesting that now, in the age of Youtube and general social media popularity, that we can get Super Bowl ad teasers within the month leading up to the big game. It’s smart marketing – last year I remember Mercedes releasing their star-filled ad before the game to drum up interest in their new CLA (a Merc starting at just under 30K – who woulda ever thought?).

This year, Oikos has managed to sit in Youtube’s “most popular” section on a few occasions in my browser:

First of all, I think it’s pretty obvious which of the Full House team has aged the best (Coulier, right?).

Secondly, let’s get into why this works: nostalgia.

Nostalgia is arguably one of the strongest emotions to utilize in any marketing campaign. Internet marketing, memes and general social media uses nostalgia to unite certain generations at certain times. It may be the best emotion to grab a hold of to get people into your store, onto your website or to call your phone line.

So, my advice – if you ever see a legitimate opportunity to utilize nostalgia in your marketing campaign – do it. Here are two things to jump on if you have a chance…

1 – TV, Movies and Entertainment

Like Oikos has realized, popular TV has a way of united people and getting them to agree that a product or service is worth their time and money. Figure out your demographic, especially the age you want to target. Oikos figured out two ages, if you ask me – the early ’90s parent (who are now between 45 and 60 years old) and the early ’90s kid (who are now between 20 and 30). Both of these demos sat together on a weekly basis in the very late ’80s and early ’90s to watch Full House, and many people in these demos have good memories of childhood and parenthood, laughing at the show together. Genius move at this time to hit on both demos, drawing them into Greek yogurt ads (of all things).

2 – Big Events – Especially Local

For smaller, local businesses, figure out what local events went on when people in your target demographic were children or teenagers. Everyone likes to remember high school life – even if they hated high school at the time. They were young, surrounded by friends and had little to no responsibility – therefore, they like to think about those times.

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