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You Should Probably Get on Google Plus

Quick post today… I do SEO for a lot of different business. To some extent, that means I bow to Google on a daily basis. So, I might be a bit biases when I urge people to get on Google Plus. However… I don’t recommend this just to look like I support Google in everything […]

Client Spotlight – Vince LoTempio

We want to give a big shout out to one of our newer clients, Vincent LoTempio – who recently had one of his own clients make a deal on CNBC’s Shark Tank. You can read about the deal on Vince’s blog, here. To put it simply, Vince wrote the patent for Frank Scozzafava, who recently […]

Some Advice… Hit Up

Everyone uses the internet and plenty of everyday, average, non-computer-science-type people offer websites for their business, personal blogs or whatever else. Sadly, though, many of us don’t know what’s going on in the world of web design. User experience, interface and aesthetics are literally advanced every day. Thankfully, realizes how many daily innovations happen […]

French Macarons & Web Content Niches

First, I’m sure readers want to know why I’m discussing this content marketing as it relates to French macarons… If you didn’t know, The Mac Groups sits in dangerously close proximity to the Williamsville Spot Coffee location. Therein, French Macarons have enticed me for weeks at the counter – but they are ridiculously expensive. Normally, I have […]

VERY Non-Traditional Advertising

Just found this awesome example of digital marketing: Sortie en Mer (A Trip out to Sea) by Guy Cotten. If you don’t have time to check out the actual website, check out this screen video cap: You may think… oh, this is just a video. However, it’s actually an interactive website. By scrolling, you can […]