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I Have to Pay Facebook for Reach?

The unfortunate answer to that question is a resounding yes. For quite a few years after Facebook first started, when brands were jumping on the bandwagon left and right, we experienced a golden age of reach that will probably never be seen again in the social media world. Any brand could start their own Facebook business page […]

Facebook & Twitter: The Old & the New

A few weeks ago, we did a short post on the new Facebook redesign. Today, we’ll get a bit more specific so that our social media marketing clients can have a firm understanding of how exactly their accounts will change… The New Facebook Layout: Facebook introduced its newest redesign in early March 2014, and will […]

New Design & Layout for Facebook Business Pages

If you perform social media marketing on Facebook, you may have received a message offering to add you to the waiting list for an updated design. Let’s take a look at the layout you have: This is the old or current layout for a Facebook business page. You are probably fairly used to it by […]

Wednesday “Wisdom”: Keep It Original

We are going to talk about originality today, because we’ve run into duplicate content on several occasions and we want to give a good primer on why you should only put original content on your website or other internet marketing outlets. Benevolent Intentions First, though, let’s take a look at some good intentions for duplicate […]

Two Topic Tuesday: Facebook for Business & Facebook in General

You will see a lot of Facebook in the news today – because today is the 10 year Anniversary of the popular social networking site. So, why don’t we dedicate both of our Two Topic Tuesday topics to the website that has helped so many brands to achieve success in the past decade. 1 – […]