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Two Topic Tuesday: Facebook for Business & Facebook in General

You will see a lot of Facebook in the news today – because today is the 10 year Anniversary of the popular social networking site. So, why don’t we dedicate both of our Two Topic Tuesday topics to the website that has helped so many brands to achieve success in the past decade.

1 – Facebook for Business, Still Worth it?

Yes. Social Media Club put out this article last week, speculating the worth of utilizing a new Facebook page for newer brands. I see the merit of discussing the topic, but let’s face it – even if you don’t have a budget for social media marketing, you should create a Facebook page. 2 fans are better than zero, plus, if you end up affording a budget to put toward social media, you have the page already. In a decade, Facebook has gained more traction than most companies have in half a century. While the network might seem convoluted with too many pages, too many games and too many features, people use it and find companies to support through it. So, get on a Facebook and, when you can, develop a budget to grow on it.

2 – Facebook, Generally

First of all, congratulations to Facebook for their success, for changing the way that we think of social media and for making it possible to market a business with little to no traditional advertising. Facebook has broken financial records, had an award-winning film made about it, caused controversy in hundreds if not thousands of ways and worked toward what Thomas Friedman would call the flattening of the world.

Like it, hate it or remain apathetic toward it… Facebook has significantly changed the world, keeping competitor’s at bay on a consistent basis by considering user experience before profits: a testament to the possible success with a delayed gratification business model.

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