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Life is so positive – until you try to learn Chinese

Josh and I had some fortune cookies today:   Now, that is some hyper positive stuff there. My artistic talents winning applause sounds like a dream come true. Josh was really looking forward to his inclusion on the list of “The Excellent People” this year. Then we just had to decide to learn Chinese:   […]

Wednesday “Wisdom”: Use Google, Period (Part 3)

The past two weeks in Wednesday “Wisdom,” we’ve discussed using Google and neglecting other search engines. This week, we’ll go against the grain and suggest that… maybe… Bing and Yahoo have something to offer both in their extra features and their search results. I realize that the title of this post is still “Use Google, […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Use Google, Period (Part 2)

Alright… While I definitely have more search examples to show that Google kicks Bing to the curb (usually), I’d rather not bore anyone with more statistics, etc. that you saw in Part 1. Instead, for Part 2, I want to discuss the complications for developers and, especially, SEOs who have to figure various search engines […]