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Aiming for the Right Goals in Your Social Media Strategy

So, you are either starting a new social media campaign or revamping stagnate or otherwise unprofitable social media pages… you have a lot coming your way. Considering that this whole social media thing revolves around marketing, to some extent, you’ll want to set goals for your various social manifestations (be they Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram […]

Two Topic Tuesday: Facebook for Business & Facebook in General

You will see a lot of Facebook in the news today – because today is the 10 year Anniversary of the popular social networking site. So, why don’t we dedicate both of our Two Topic Tuesday topics to the website that has helped so many brands to achieve success in the past decade. 1 – […]

4.5 Social Media Steps to take on a Snow Day

WNY can be rough sometimes and we know it now more than most other times of the year. Snow, wind and chills make travel difficult and can prevent us from getting to work. But, does a snow day mean that you have to take a loss? Yes and no. Depending on your particular industry, an […]