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What is the Value of My Website?

As a marketer or a business owner, people are probably trying to sell you website upgrades and enhancement services all the time. It’s likely that you’re spending more and more on your site every year, and seeing the ROI from those costs can sometimes be difficult. At The Mac Groups. we think that you should fully […]

Can The Physical-World Guide Web Design?

Architecture, sculpture, fashion, painting, furniture and food: all things that exist in the physical, non-digital world. They affect us on a daily basis, especially as some of us work in industries that manufacture or create these various forms of art and technology. Similarly, the designs that we encounter on the internet affect our lives – […]

Wednesday “Wisdom”: Remember Things That Annoy You

Back in the 90’s, it was simply cool to have a website, even if the site contained barely any content. In the early New Millennium, everyone basically wanted busy, content and image-heavy sites, with loaded home pages and lots of stuff in general. Probably why some MySpace profiles went this direction: Now, home pages tend […]