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SEO: A Strategy for the Long Haul

Much is often made of a website’s ability to rank highly on Google, and building up to those elusive first page positions is probably a task high on many marketers to-do lists. But what is the real takeaway? How does ranking on Google make money for your business? It’s easy to break it down to the […]

Google Flexes Muscle, Makes HTTPS Ranking Factor

If you haven’t heard yet, Google made another fairly significant change to their infamous search rankings algorithm last week, adding the HTTPS status of your website as an official ranking factor. SEOs had been speculating for months that the move was coming, and Google finally made it official in a blog post they published on […]

Why Are You Blogging?

The answers to this question are numerous, but it seems like some prevailing commonalities are: “someone told me I should be,” “it’s good for SEO,” or the all-too-common “ummmm.” Let’s first all agree that blogging and content strategy are important parts of your marketing plan. But there’s a catch. Like every other part of your marketing […]

Why You Should Upload Photos & Video to Social Media & Blogs

Today’s post will be short and simple. Here are three reasons that you should take photos and videos around your restaurant, office or construction site (safely, of course) with your phone and upload to social media and your blog regularly:   Increases Session Duration Session duration is the time that a fan or website visitor spends on […]

What the Heck is Search Engine Marketing?

SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, Content Marketing, Link Building, etc…. You know that it all has to do with search engines, but that’s not really enough is it? I agree. That’s not enough. So, I want to give a breakdown of what all of these acronyms and phrases mean. But first, let’s take a look at […]