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Why You Should Upload Photos & Video to Social Media & Blogs

Today’s post will be short and simple. Here are three reasons that you should take photos and videos around your restaurant, office or construction site (safely, of course) with your phone and upload to social media and your blog regularly:


Increases Session Duration

TMG Page Analytics

The pages with the highest visit durations tend to be those with a lot of images – #1 in this top 5 features a top image with simple custom text over a classic Japanese woodblock

Session duration is the time that a fan or website visitor spends on your page. Typically, you want this to be lengthy, because it signals to search engines and social media sites that users actual like your stuff. This signal doesn’t necessarily mean that your users are actually engaged, but it’s still more likely than if your durations are short.


Improves Engagement

While session duration doesn’t not prove positive engagement, typically people engage better with visual media than words. Engagement goes a step further than simply viewing something on the web – it involves some extra energy on the user’s part. This could include commenting, liking and sharing…

FB Reach

…all of which leads to…


Widens Visibility

…greater reach on both social media and the web in general. For every share, your visibility increases exponentially. For every like or comment, you visibility also improves. Notice above that, even without shares, the 61 likes and only a single comment made for a reach of 1,033 people.

In other words, get out your phone, snap a photo and post it!

That was easy, right?


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