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Hmm… The New LinkedIn looks rather Familiar…

LinkedIn has announced a profile redesign that will eventually be available to all LinkedIn users. Currently, only paying members will get the perks of the new look, but the redesign should be accessible to general users in the future. If you’re strapped for cash, but you want the new layout perks now, you can take […]

Connect with Classmates on LinkedIn

High school friends and acquaintances tend to drift apart after graduation. Even with social networks like Facebook, a lot of former classmates don’t necessarily pay attention to each others’ lives. But, here’s the thing: you never know what your high school friends are up to now. If two strangers have some cool stuff going in […]

LinkedIn… For Seventh Graders?

Anyone remember this guy?   Well, Sean basically met his Buffalo equivalent the other day. Of course, in 2014, a seventh grade smart guy is a genius in a different way than ten years ago – they code and code a lot. Sean was teaching contemporary advertising fundamentals at St. Gregory’s school in Williamsville and […]