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Connect with Classmates on LinkedIn

High school friends and acquaintances tend to drift apart after graduation. Even with social networks like Facebook, a lot of former classmates don’t necessarily pay attention to each others’ lives. But, here’s the thing: you never know what your high school friends are up to now.

If two strangers have some cool stuff going in their careers, synergy can happen, but it’s a slow process and it might never take off. But, when two people from the same alma mater or town have business opportunities for one another, things can take off almost immediately, because the individuals come from the same place.

Take, for example, The Mac Group’s Sean Macaluso, who just connected with an old friend via LinkedIn. The friend has been in Hong Kong for around seven years working on bringing big restaurants into the city, and he wants to bring in a certain TMG client, known for their incredible burgers over to China. So, what’s an old classmate to do? He gets the friend in contact with the right people to move things forward and hopefully get a certain anonymous restaurant to open a franchise in Hong Kong.

So, get on LinkedIn and connect with classmates and create synergy – that’s important. You never want to leech off of someone else’s success. Instead, you want to bring together multiple skills, ideas or sets of connections for the end goal of mutual benefit.

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