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Social Media Fails of 2014 and How To Avoid Them

Social media is one of the most powerful things in the world. It is a supremely effective tool that, when used correctly, helps people and brands connect with each other. The reach into homes, personal computers and cell phones is unparalleled elsewhere in the business world. Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook literally put […]

Insta-Growth: 5 Things You Need to Know About Instagram

You’ve probably heard by now that Instagram has gotten pretty big, but you might not realize just how big it is. We found some pretty interesting stats that we thought might be worth sharing about one of this year’s most explosive and fastest-growing social networks. 1. It’s bigger than Twitter. Yep. We just found out in […]

#Snowvember: The Social Storm

The storm that hit parts of Western New York & Buffalo last week proved a few points to us that we won’t be forgetting any time soon. We have to be prepared for anything when it comes to Mother Nature and winter. The value of a good emergency tool kit can’t be undersold. The power of social […]

How Social Media Can Get You Banned from Football Games

In case you missed the story from last weekend, a controversy broke after Sunday’s NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Detroit Lions involving a Detroit fan who was allegedly using a laser pointer to distract Buffalo players during key parts of the game. It turns out that this is a pretty serious offense, […]

What is the ROI of Social Media?

As more marketers have integrated social media strategies into their annual budgets and marketing plans, the question of how to quantify these efforts and prove that they’re working has become ever more important to answer. We want to know that the time and money we’re dumping into the social sphere is coming back to us somehow. […]