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3 Reasons NOT to Link Your Social Media Accounts

The internet operates with more social media sites than most people could probably identify. Many of these, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube have the ability to “link” so that anything that you post to one, will also post to the others. But – that can land you in some trouble. Seriously. I mean, imagine […]

Why You Should Upload Photos & Video to Social Media & Blogs

Today’s post will be short and simple. Here are three reasons that you should take photos and videos around your restaurant, office or construction site (safely, of course) with your phone and upload to social media and your blog regularly:   Increases Session Duration Session duration is the time that a fan or website visitor spends on […]

Hmm… The New LinkedIn looks rather Familiar…

LinkedIn has announced a profile redesign that will eventually be available to all LinkedIn users. Currently, only paying members will get the perks of the new look, but the redesign should be accessible to general users in the future. If you’re strapped for cash, but you want the new layout perks now, you can take […]

When Should I Ban a Social Media Fan?

No matter how awesome your company is, you will probably get some sort of negative activity on your Facebook page. The comments might not be about your brand or employees – they could just be negative in general. So, you might ask when it’s appropriate to ban a Facebook user from your business page. First […]

What McDonald’s Did Wrong

Aside from the nutrient content of their food and the fact that they’ve advertised with an annoying and incredibly discomforting clown for decades, McDonald’s has managed to become the premier cheap, quick burger chain in the world. They even managed to snag a mention in Pulp Fiction: However, along with not only maintaining the unnerving […]