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5 Things You Need to Know about Pay Per Click

Pay per click (also called cost per click, paid ads and so on) is pretty simple to understand. You pay money to Google to have ads for your website pop up in organic search (and elsewhere). However, just because the concept is simple doesn’t mean that the practice is. Here are 5 things you should […]

EBL Summer ProMix – A Huge Blast!

Aside from Josh, no one was taking photos. Networking was the point of the ProMix and that’s what everyone did! With 225 local professionals in attendance, awesome locally produced beverages and a beautiful venue, the first Emerging Business Leaders Summer ProMix was a huge success and, as the title sponsor, we at The Mac Groups […]

Donald Trump, The Bills & Social Media

Could it be good for your brand to say something naive and narcissistic about a relatively sensitive regional (and national) topic? I can think of one man who might answer “yes” to that question: Yes, the Donald is not out of the Buffalo Bills Buyers Race, as he tweeted the following on the 24th: Many […]

Jerry Seinfeld on Social Media, etc.

If you’ve ever had any etiquette questions regarding social media or technology, why ask anyone other than Seinfeld? That’s basically all you need to know, right?

Why Don’t I Get Any Social Media Engagement for My Business?

You’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. You have followers, fans, connections and subscribers but no one seems interested in your posts. What’s more? You’ve invested time, manpower and money on having employees or yourself update profiles and monitor social networks, yet you have seen little to no return on investment. So, you’re asking why you […]