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Donald Trump, The Bills & Social Media

Could it be good for your brand to say something naive and narcissistic about a relatively sensitive regional (and national) topic? I can think of one man who might answer “yes” to that question:

The Donald

Yes, the Donald is not out of the Buffalo Bills Buyers Race, as he tweeted the following on the 24th:

The Donald's Bills Tweet

Many responses have pointed out to The Donald that both Golisano and Pegula would most likely keep the team in Buffalo. Then again, maybe our favorite TV boss has some info that we don’t?

In any case – take a look at the number of retweets. Granted, many people have achieved a higher number of retweets – even this past week Seth Rogen got about 700 more than the Donald with his tweet about Kim Jong Un:

Seth to Dictator


Back to the Donald – 1,059 retweets. Let’s put this in perspective:

  • Each Twitter user has an average of 208 followers
  • 208 x 1,059 = 220,272
  • At least 220,272 Twitter users had the opportunity to see The Donald’s tweet
  • Add into that the media coverage – much of which by Buffalo news outlets
  • Chances are that anyone in Buffalo and the surrounding areas who cares about football and/or the Bills knows what The Donald tweeted

So, whether or not The Donald cares to buy the Bills, he’s probably getting more time in with people who care to know about the situation than the other potential buyers – and at least he didn’t make the mistake to suggest taking the team to Toronto (really, Bon Jovi?).

In any case, of the potential buyers, who do you want to own The Bills?

  • Trump
  • Golisano
  • Pegula
  • Bon Jovi
  • Metropoulos

Let us know in the comments!


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