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Critical Spider Man Scene to be Reshot in Buffalo’s Downtown

The word wasn’t supposed to get out, but it did. In a last minute change, The Amazing Spider Man 2 producers have landed on downtown Buffalo to reshoot some critical action shots for the Spring release. Pretty exciting news for any Buffalonians who want a bit of Hollywood in their backyard. According to a close […]

Hostile Marketing?

It looks like we are seeing some hostile marketing with a few companies. Granted, “hostile” might be a bit of a strong word. Certainly, these commercials are a little more obviously directed to bash competition: In response, you may have seen this on the McDonald’s Facebook Page: That video has been pretty huge this week. […]

Why You should look at Google Trends at Least Once a Week

My guess is that most people haven’t heard of Google Trends. You know Google is a search engine, you know that they offer email and a relatively unpopular social network. You might even know that they are developing wearable technology, own Android and have a web browser. But, chances are you figure out what’s trending […]

3 Major 2014 Web Development & Design Trends

In the past two years or so, web developers and visual experts have made some incredible strides in both website functionality and general aesthetics. So, any modern site will probably incorporate a responsive layout and, in one way or another, a streamlined look, feel and functionality. However, that by no means limits possibilities. Even with […]

Why Avoid Content Marketing in Your SEO Approach?

Last week, Search Engine Watch posted an article about techniques for avoiding content marketing in a successful search engine optimization. With a total of 8 techniques to supplement for content, my question is, why would you avoid content in favor of 8 other SEO approaches? Let’s go through each of these and see why I […]