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Engagement & Your Social Media Marketing

For businesses in certain industries, it’s easy to lean toward jargon-filled, informational posts on Facebook and Twitter. Whether you work in the medical, legal, engineering or architectural industries, you will need to fight the urge to bore your followers. Yes, people do like to know the various surgeries that your hospital performs, but they can […]

Google Street View Inside Your Business

If you haven’t seen Google Street View, it is really cool. You can explore neighborhoods, view 3D panoramas and basically see every major city in the world. Now, you can get that technology in your business. Imagine the ability to give, say, a tour of your Buffalo hotel to people out in California. What if […]

3 Ways that Facebook Trending Benefits Society

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed the new “Trending” section on your Facebook feed page: Personally, I’ve found  information in this trending feature to be more helpful than similar features in other social media outlets or websites, generally. However, I’m wondering how this information originates. Because, when you click on the topic, […]

Wednesday Wisdom: Tell a Story with Your Website

Every business has a story to tell and every consumer likes a story. So, the idea is simple – use you website to tell a story. Of course, how should you accomplish this? Anyone could easily write a few paragraphs that explain a company’s history or business process. And, most people won’t want to read […]

A Short SEO Dictionary

A lot of people probably struggle with SEO terminology, and understandably so. We throw around a lot of terms and sometimes I’m even guilty of interchanging words that means different things – or even making up my own terms. Therefore, I’ve compiled 10 terms for those of our readers who want to know how to […]