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4.5 Social Media Steps to take on a Snow Day

Buffalo Winter

WNY can be rough sometimes and we know it now more than most other times of the year. Snow, wind and chills make travel difficult and can prevent us from getting to work.

But, does a snow day mean that you have to take a loss?

Yes and no. Depending on your particular industry, an unexpected day off can affect you in plenty of ways. However, no matter what industry you work in, you can take the day at home as a time to do some social media marketing.






1 – Read

Check the news, look at a business blog or something and read. Reading is beneficial for plenty of reasons, but staying up-to-date and knowing business methods, etc. are among the most important for you as a business owner or employee. The weather has granted you with time you weren’t expecting to have. Take the opportunity to exercise your mind.


2 – Comment

Get on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or whatever other site and comment with your company’s profile.

This does not mean that you should comment by saying, “Check out our business, we make great products, etc…”

Rather, it means to comment on something like a normal person. If it’s a YouTube video, comment on the subject matter. If it’s a trending Twitter topic, write about the topic and try to add some good insight. Avoid self-promotion, and try to get people to converse with you.


2.5 – Share

Take the video, tweet or post and share it. I don’t know if more needs to be said, so I’ll leave this tip as it is.


3 – Generate an Article

If you have a day where you are forced to stay home from your business, take advantage of the time and generate and article to draw in business. Whether it’s for your site, blog or Facebook page, write something informative for web-users to draw their eyes to your site and company. Even if you’re not a writer, you are an expert in your field, so take your time and tell people something helpful so that they can level with you and feel that you care about their understanding of your product or service.

For those of you who don’t own your place of work, but are employees, you can do the same thing. Write up something for your employer or supervisor to show that you care about your job, even when you don’t have to!

4 – Plan

Develop a plan for how you will approach marketing for the rest of the week, month, year, etc. It’s not easy to do this at work sometimes because you have so many other things cluttering your day. And, while we all have to plan to some extent during the workweek, we don’t always take time to plan things such as social media posts. So, utilize the time to plan some things that you’d normally lack the time to plan.

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