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Wednesday “Wisdom” – Use Google, Period (Part 2)

Alright… While I definitely have more search examples to show that Google kicks Bing to the curb (usually), I’d rather not bore anyone with more statistics, etc. that you saw in Part 1.

Instead, for Part 2, I want to discuss the complications for developers and, especially, SEOs who have to figure various search engines into their plans. However, Google’s algorithms are basically a secret. Yes, we know that duplicate content is bad and that link farming is a no, no – but the actual code or robot brain is a mystery to the general public. As content marketers and designers, I’d go as far as to say that the actual algorithms would probably be a bit above our heads. We know the rules, and we abide by them – hoping that our various methods work.

So, in theory, Google algorithms differ from Bing / Yahoo algorithms. They have to differ, since each engine will show different results for the same search. So, does it make sense for SEOs to tailor their sites to both engines? Should they discuss how to get better rankings in Bing?

No. Stick to pleasing Google and ignore Bing. Note: this is not to say that Bing doesn’t matter. Again, it’s a matter of sending a message. If users avoid Bing in favor of Google and SEOs don’t bother discussing Bing or optimizing for it, then the engine will have to take action. They will have to focus their goals and refine their algorithms to turn back relevant, on-topic results.

What do you think? Does it make sense to please both? After all… people do use Bing, even if at a far lower rate. Do you use Bing? Why?

Next week – we will look at this topic from a different angle (to say the least).

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