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You Should Probably Get on Google Plus

Quick post today…

I do SEO for a lot of different business. To some extent, that means I bow to Google on a daily basis. So, I might be a bit biases when I urge people to get on Google Plus.

However… I don’t recommend this just to look like I support Google in everything that they do (because I don’t).

Almost no one actually uses Google plus. It’s not especially intuitive and, if you use YouTube, you probably avoid Google Plus out of spite because it has managed to screw up your accounts through synchronization, etc.

Sadly, Google Plus is a necessary evil in the world of web marketing. It can help to achieve an authorship status in Google search, boosting your posts placement. Furthermore, you can sync it up with your Google Maps citation, creating consistent branding across the board – signaling to the search engine that all of this diverse and helpful content all comes from the same source.

To end this quick post, then, I’ll suggest to set up a Google Plus account both for yourself and your business. Cheers!

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