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Friday Free-For-All: Google Goes Top Gear & More…

It’s Friday, which means our blog post will feature somewhat random youtube videos and/or links. We are definitely going to avoid touching the Bieber madness in the news this week, especially since Mashable seems to have done a pretty good job thus far. However, this is pretty cool: Maybe this resource will make it a […]

TMG’s Sean Macaluso at the Wahlburgers Premiere in Boston!

Awesome news from The Mac Groups: founder and CEO, Sean Macaluso, travelled over to Boston for the premiere of Wahlburgers on A&E in support of our Boston social media client. In Sean’s words, this morning: “10 hour car ride, scraping the inside of the car with the heat on… “…awesome turn out, great show…”   …frozen […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Use Google, Period (Part 1)

Use Google. Not Bing / Yahoo. Not Alta Vista. Just use Google. I know that for the SEOs reading, and maybe those of you who have seen the ridiculous Bing TV ads will wonder how I could have either the authority or the audacity to suggest that all other search engines are useless. However… I […]

Two Topic Tuesday – The Feed & “Like Farming”

First of all – welcome to Two Topic Tuesday, where we take a short look at two news topics related to social media, marketing, design or search engines. Today, we’ll take a look at The Feed and “Like Farming.” The Feed Mashable posted this article about The Feed’s influence on our ability to consume information. […]

Media Monday – Buffalo Rising Features TMG and Wahlburgers

First of all, if you didn’t know – our client Wahlburgers is getting their very own show on A&E!   Secondly, check out this article that Buffalo Rising did for us and Wahlburgers this past friday. And now for the lesson… The way things work now, social media, Youtube and online marketing go way further […]