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Media Monday – Buffalo Rising Features TMG and Wahlburgers

First of all, if you didn’t know – our client Wahlburgers is getting their very own show on A&E!



Secondly, check out this article that Buffalo Rising did for us and Wahlburgers this past friday.

And now for the lesson…

The way things work now, social media, Youtube and online marketing go way further for a small business than TV ads and newspaper spots. Luckily, many newspapers have adapted to the changing trends in advertising and reader habits. So, you can get an online spot like our spot in Buffalo Rising which stays on the internet forever (and if not forever, for a much longer time than a TV or newspaper ad).

Marketing via the internet works through synergy. You could simply have a Facebook page or a website. Or, you could have a twitter account and maybe get on a local paper once or twice. However, utilizing as many online presences as possible – that’s what successful businesses do. The trick is to never feel too comfortable with your marketing campaign. Always be willing to send out a press release and get a story in a paper, journal or popular blog.

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