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Two Topic Tuesday: Google Glass & Amazon

Not sure which of these topics is more exciting, so I’ll just start with…

Google Glass

Google has added some neat and trendy looking frames to its forthcoming Glass product. To me, Glass is a product like no other, but not for the reasons Google wants. After all, according to everyone’s favorite source, Wikipedia, wearable tech has been around since the Chinese invented the abacus ring during the Qing Dynasty. No, Glass is revolutionary because it has a somewhat cryptic, yet entirely present ad campaign, which has been ongoing for over a year (if not 2). What’s more… the product development has included members of the general public, generating news controversy and even legal issues.

But, now glass comes in shapes for hipsters (made of titanium), so who knows what’s next?

Amazon & Samsung go Viral

I can’t remember an Amazon product going viral before, but one has now. A $40K Samsung TV. But the product itself isn’t the hype. You must read the reviews to understand this, if you haven’t seen it yet. How many products do you know that have received 1200+ reviews? One review even has 500 comments and counting.

I doubt that 1200 of these TVs have sold. But the reviews speak for themselves… the thing is worth selling your kids to afford it.

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