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Webpages that Benefit from Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is not necessarily a new web development technology, but it is becoming more prominent throughout the web. The basic idea is to create a foreground / background illusion by making certain content or images scroll at a faster rate than others. This allows for the illusion of a 3D landscape, as opposed to a flat surface on the site. However, as cool as this sounds (and looks), it’s definitely not for every site, and definitely not every page. Here are a few types of webpages that could benefit from parallax scrolling.

Information About a Single Dynamic Product – If you’re company has a product with many features, you can utilize parallax scrolling in order to better communicate these aspects. The 3D nature in and of itself will increase user interest, giving you the opportunity to highlight your product’s features that might otherwise get overlooked.

A Timeline about Brand / Foundation History & Goals – Your brand or charity has history, goals, philosophies, etc. and you probably want to communicate that with web users. However, a static block of content can be a bit boring, especially without images. So, if you incorporate both images and movement, especially with the illusion of depth in parallax scrolling, you can get people really interested in your company.

Restaurant Menu or Homepage – A restaurant could really benefit from parallax scrolling. You can highlight dishes, decor and a lot by including the user in the information gathering process. If by moving their mouse or pressing a button, images of food or cool restaurant interiors slowly appear and disappear from the screen, they get encouraged to find out more by actually going to your restaurant.

A Process or Approach Page – If you have a page on your site to explain your company’s approach to whatever it is that you do, parallax scrolling with animated images or photos can help users to understand how your company would be able to help them. Seeing as this sort of content can really bore a lot of users, adding the depth of a 3D feel can garner interest and get more people to understand your services.

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