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Ask Questions that your Users Ask

We just had a meeting with a really cool new client. They presented their product very well – a product that benefits the buyer not only in the sense of its utility, but also in that it really saves money and time while reducing waste.

But, a miracle product like that makes the user ask a lot of questions, right?

Let’s consider a hypothetical new product – say a new coffee machine, like a Keurig or Verismo, that uses smaller coffee pods made of flimsy materials and that costs more. The machine itself looks incredible. It’s nice and modern, with apparently high-quality materials and top-notch manufacturing. But, the first thing you notice is the high-price both for the machine itself and the pods that seem to offer far less than the current available brands.

You’re wondering… why would I want less coffee? Can I trust the flimsy materials? How could this machine be worth the extra cost?

Now, imagine that this new miracle coffee machine’s website asks these questions as well, in the form of links that lead you to answers in the form of both text and images…


Why would I want Less Coffee?


While each of our coffee pods offer less physical ground coffee, you still get more bang for your buck. You see, you can still get a full 12 ounce cup from our grounds – but how?

We employ a proprietary grinding method, which forms the beans into a flat shavings, as opposed to random crushed grounds. Though the process may seem tedious, it allows the brewer to get so much more from each bean, reducing wasted coffee in our factories, and getting you more flavor from the beans!


Can I trust the Flimsy Pod Material?


You might notice, our coffee pods look a bit flimsy compared to our competitors. Well… what if we told you that the material is natural, imparts no unwanted flavor or chemicals and is biodegradable?

That’s right, our R&D team has worked up the perfect coffee pod material to keep your brewing easy, your coffee tasty and your negative impact on the environment nonexistent!


How could this Coffee Machine be worth the Price?


We aren’t blind… We realize that our machine requires a significant markup from other products currently on the market.

But, what if we told you that you would actually save money with our machine?

You see, while the machine is expensive, the coffee pods are not. Because each brew requires far less ground coffee, thanks to our patented bean shaving process, each box of our gourmet blends costs only a fraction of our competitors’ products. You’ll make the markup back in only a month if you drink even just a cup of coffee a day!

What’s more??? Our machine’s exterior utilizes aluminum wherever possible, glass for the water reservoir and patented, low-impact synthetic materials everywhere else.

Blah, blah…. you get the picture.


So… the point. Some awesome products don’t look good on the surface. People get stuck in their ways, they don’t look into details and they have questions. Answer their questions before they ask them. You have a great product, and you have to get people to understand how great it is despite their reservations.

Furthermore, you can incorporate this concept into your website. In the web development phase, use these questions to guide users through your product or service. Your can plan the navigation, layout, etc. around these inquiries, creating an interactive element for your site.


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