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10 Ways that Nick Offerman is More Man than Any of Us

If you ever wondered how important manliness is to Josh, here’s some evidence:



That is a bust of Ron Swanson – Nick Offerman’s character in Park and Recreations.

Yes, anyone would probably agree that Ron Swanson is the man, and the actor that plays him is even more of a man. So, let’s take a look at what makes Nick Offerman.


To Start: Ask Him…

Many would identify the mustache as a major contributing factor:


Or his affinity for Lagavulin 16:


The flavor of peat, smoke, wood, fire and mother nature, all in one bottle. Could there be a more manly nectar?


Then again… He does make his own canoes:



Interestingly, Look at the Image Search Recommendations when you search “American White Oak”:

Screenshot 2014-05-02 11.44.32

The most noble of woods


Or any sort of meat, really:


Plus, any real man can bust out some good dance moves:

Most men probably can’t do this:

It’s basically pure gasoline.

Plus – he unabashedly hates the government and heroically loves bacon:


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