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#FashionFridays: Bow Ties & Stripes

It’s official… The Mac Groups is fashionable.

Just take a look at these bow ties:

Bow Ties #FashionFridays


Okay… here’s a close up of Josh’s bow tie, sans beard:

Polka Dot Bow Tie #FashionFridays


And just for good measure:

Red Velvet Bow Tie #FashionFridays


But wait – there’s more!

Striped Dress & Skirt #FashionFridays



I’ll admit… Josh and I planned the bow tie deal. But, Ginger and Sam both rocked stripes without having to coordinate. I guess they just have a sixth sense about their wardrobes.

What do you think? The bow ties a nice addition to the TMG office? Did anyone else rock stripes today? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @TheMacGroups #FashionFridays


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