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Art Voice Best of Buffalo Nominees – 6 TMG Clients!

We want to take the time to congratulate all of our clients who have been nominated for various Best of Buffalo 2014 categories! These clients rock at what they do and we love working with them. The Blue Monk takes the lead with 7 nominations, including Best Beer Selection, Best Burger and Best Fries. Coles […]

Life is so positive – until you try to learn Chinese

Josh and I had some fortune cookies today:   Now, that is some hyper positive stuff there. My artistic talents winning applause sounds like a dream come true. Josh was really looking forward to his inclusion on the list of “The Excellent People” this year. Then we just had to decide to learn Chinese:   […]

3 Ingredients to the Perfect Cinco de Mayo Party

Most people probably don’t actually know what Cinco de Mayo is about. So, read up on it before celebrating under the impression that it has anything to do with the Alamo. Once you get it figured out, it’s time to party. Really, you only need a few things to have an at least somewhat legitimate […]

French Macarons & Web Content Niches

First, I’m sure readers want to know why I’m discussing this content marketing as it relates to French macarons… If you didn’t know, The Mac Groups sits in dangerously close proximity to the Williamsville Spot Coffee location. Therein, French Macarons have enticed me for weeks at the counter – but they are ridiculously expensive. Normally, I have […]

How do Food Trends start in Social Media?

As with most things on social media, what is a trending food one day is thrown into compost the next. We once embraced cupcakes wholeheartedly, allowing for pop-up shops and wild experiments (Buffalo wing cupcakes; yes they’re real.) But now that’s over. So what is the recent food trend, you may ask? Good question. At […]