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Our First Social Media Mascot Tryout a HUGE Success

This duck was getting really excited about social media this morning… Not really sure if I have anything else to say about this guy. He didn’t leave a name or number. If you’re out there little guy, you got the job. Unanimous decision. Ya start on Monday pal!  

3 Ways that Facebook Trending Benefits Society

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed the new “Trending” section on your Facebook feed page: Personally, I’ve found  information in this trending feature to be more helpful than similar features in other social media outlets or websites, generally. However, I’m wondering how this information originates. Because, when you click on the topic, […]

The Re-Humanization of Customer Service through Social Media

America and possibly the world had an issue in the first decade of the 21st Century. Almost any product or service that you bought came from an enormous corporation and, if you called for customer service, you either got to talk with a person at a call center or you got to listen to a […]

Connect with Classmates on LinkedIn

High school friends and acquaintances tend to drift apart after graduation. Even with social networks like Facebook, a lot of former classmates don’t necessarily pay attention to each others’ lives. But, here’s the thing: you never know what your high school friends are up to now. If two strangers have some cool stuff going in […]

Bring Jimmy Fallon to Buffalo with Social Media

If you live in or around Buffalo and had tickets to see Justin Timberlake, you’ve probably also seen this: Well, in response to this, Buffalo is looking to get a little more for their wait – they want to see Jimmy Fallon with JT in July. So, people have started a Facebook page with over […]