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Why You Don’t Need a Mobile Website in 2014

Alright, I will admit in the first sentence that this post’s title is meant to be a bit controversial or dramatic. However, there is some truth to it: you don’t need mobile web development in 2014. You need mobile functionality, which either a mobile website or a responsive design can offer. Personally, I prefer the […]

Keeping Your Web Development Current

I will be the first to admit that technology moves far to quick for us to keep up. I’ve had an iPhone 4s for 2 years and now I’m two phones behind in the Apple world. Fortunately, my phone’s recency doesn’t affect my brand’s marketability. Well, at least not as much as my website’s recency. […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Simplicity & Thought in Web Design

Rarely, if ever, have we “tooted our own horn” in a Wednesday “Wisdom.” But, seeing as we just launched the new TMG website, I figured that it was a good time to give some pointers on web development. The Mac Groups’ Home Page Being the most important page of any website, we took time to […]