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Media Monday – Wahlburgers Tickets Sell Out in Under an Hour

The Wahlburgers Premiere Tickets Sold Out in under an hour - how?

The Wahlburgers Premiere Tickets Sold Out in under an hour – how?

You may have seen this article at The gist: Wahlburgers is hosting a premiere for their new reality show and they sold 100 tickets to the public which sold out in under an hour.

Of course, what you might not know is that The Mac Groups was on top of the situation from start to finish. Utilizing social media, we were able to garner interest and turn that into ticket sales very quickly.

So, do you have an event coming up? Want to know how to sell out tickets quickly? Let’s consider the process that we took with Wahlburgers…

Step 1 – Get Fans / Likes

This should be obvious, but you need a Facebook business page and you need fans. Simply put, you can go about this in two ways. If you have the budget, Facebook ads work very well, of course you need to know the proper methods for approaching a campaign. The other method involves posting interesting, funny, helping or generally likable content to your page. If people share what you post, chances are that others will see it, like it and like your page.

Keep in mind, these two methods are not mutually exclusive. The latter is always necessary, but doing both will be a huge help.

Step 2 – Drum Up Interest in Your Event

Now, I will admit, Wahlburgers had an upper hand in this arena. After all, when you have two big Hollywood names behind your company and an upcoming reality show, it’s easy to get people interested in an event that you might put on.

However… let’s keep in mind a few things. First, up until about a week ago, the general public weren’t all too aware of the new Wahlburgers reality show, seeing as A&E only began running trailers within the past several weeks. Secondly, The Mac Groups has been pushing the show via Facebook for about as long, if not longer. Plenty of people watch A&E regularly, but every Wahlburgers Facebook post has the potential to reach close to 30k people. So, having mentioned the show and the premier amplified any effect that the TV ads had.

Step 3 – Post at a High Volume Time of Day

You’ll notice that we posted the link to Wahlburgers ticket vendor around the East Coast lunch hour. I don’t know about you, but I see plenty of people checking their Facebook walls at lunch. So, post your event link around lunch, or in the evening. Personally, I think the lunch hour works better, because it’s difficult to gauge the post-work high-traffic time. People have different commute durations and when they get home, they want food, TV, etc.

So, I recommend posting at lunch for a more immediate response.

Step 4 – Monitor Activity

While the tickets were on sale, we were monitoring the situation closely. If people commented, we responded. Messages, thumbs up, shares, etc. Keep watching and pay attention.

Make sure to comment, like we did:

WB FB Comments

And if anyone asks a question, always answer:

WB Question

Because you might just make someone’s day:

WB Comment

The more you comment and the more others comment, the more likely it is that the post will show up in people’s news feeds. Therefore, monitoring and responding to activity can directly increase the reaction to your post.

If you follow these steps, your event will definitely do better than if you don’t.

What do you think? Have you had successful or unsuccessful events in the past? Let us know in the comments!




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