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Social Media & Social Justice

We are going to skip Friday Free-For-All this week, but have no fear, we still have a video:

I’ve wanted to do a post on the connection between Social Media and Social Justice for a while. It’s been a few years, maybe a decade, since the notion of social justice has seeped into the foreground, especially among young people in our culture. Movements such as Invisible Children, Love146 and others have permeated our society, increasing awareness on issues like human trafficking and modern day slavery, which are more advanced and widespread than at any other point in history. The video above helps raise awareness about something very easy to forget, unless you live in it: totalitarianism is alive and well.

So, share this video and share anything you see that calls attention to these sorts of issues. It’s one of the ways that social media can divert from triviality and get people thinking about serious topics. Sure, it’s fun to talk about celebrity gossip and watch funny videos of goats – and that’s all well and good. But, sometimes we need to take a minute and think about others.