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Friday Free For All – Valentine’s Day (And Babies)

First of all, Happy Valentine’s Day. Secondly, time for some Youtube videos. I have to say, so far, every Valentine’s day related Youtube video that I’ve seen is really boring. So, we’re gonna stick with videos that are actually entertaining in some fashion. For example: Guitar Baby… Babies have rocked the internet since the dawn […]

2 Views on SEO has two articles (probably more) on SEO. Interestingly, one of them is pretty much spot on and the other makes a very dangerous and completely moot suggestion. So, we are going to discuss the latter. First, though, here is a link to the first article. The important thing here is probably to avoid misinterpreting […]

Wednesday “Wisdom”: Keep It Original

We are going to talk about originality today, because we’ve run into duplicate content on several occasions and we want to give a good primer on why you should only put original content on your website or other internet marketing outlets. Benevolent Intentions First, though, let’s take a look at some good intentions for duplicate […]

Media Monday: Blue Monk #1 Beer Restaurant in NYS

Not in Erie county… not in WNY… The Blue Monk was voted the best restaurant for beer enthusiasts in the entire state of New York. Check out the Buffalo News article, which points out that this was not some marketing ploy or a random magazine, but they received the honor from’s Joseph Tucker […]

Re: Social Media Brands and Businesses Taken for a Ride

I think that the best way to begin this post would be to say that we don’t need to respond on this topic. Our clients see continual growth through social media and we have no need to go on the defensive. However, a certain South African businessman published an interesting article that makes some very […]