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Social Media & Social Justice

We are going to skip Friday Free-For-All this week, but have no fear, we still have a video: I’ve wanted to do a post on the connection between Social Media and Social Justice for a while. It’s been a few years, maybe a decade, since the notion of social justice has seeped into the foreground, […]

A TMG Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Primer

You may have noticed on our services page a new section called “Content Marketing.” In many people’s eyes, this is a more accurate term for the traditional term: search engine optimization. The reason being that, modern SEO is based around content – good, solid, helpful, fresh content. That being said, I want to provide our […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Simplicity & Thought in Web Design

Rarely, if ever, have we “tooted our own horn” in a Wednesday “Wisdom.” But, seeing as we just launched the new TMG website, I figured that it was a good time to give some pointers on web development. The Mac Groups’ Home Page Being the most important page of any website, we took time to […]

Two Topic Tuesday: Don’t do This — Do This

This Tuesday is fairly straight forward. We have two things: one you shouldn’t do and the other you should do. Don’t Do This: Hopefully this is somewhat obvious, but someone posted this to one of our client’s walls yesterday. She included her name, phone, address and when she’d be away from home. All of which […]

Media Mondays: Sell Pizza or Fill a Bar with Social Media

How do you promote a pizzeria on Valentine’s Day? Launch a social media promotion… Mike’s sold the most pizzas in a single day since they launched the pizza line in June last year! But that’s not all… Cole’s had a USA hockey event at 7:00 am, Saturday morning. How do you get people to a […]