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Wednesday “Wisdom” – Is My SEO Working?

Most people hope to see first page rankings, preferably in the top 3, as a result of SEO. But, as any good optimizer would tell you, this takes time. Many of the sites that appear on the first page in Google for your desired search terms have domain authority, good traffic flow and, even if […]

A TMG Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Primer

You may have noticed on our services page a new section called “Content Marketing.” In many people’s eyes, this is a more accurate term for the traditional term: search engine optimization. The reason being that, modern SEO is based around content – good, solid, helpful, fresh content. That being said, I want to provide our […]

2 Views on SEO has two articles (probably more) on SEO. Interestingly, one of them is pretty much spot on and the other makes a very dangerous and completely moot suggestion. So, we are going to discuss the latter. First, though, here is a link to the first article. The important thing here is probably to avoid misinterpreting […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Use Google, Period (Part 2)

Alright… While I definitely have more search examples to show that Google kicks Bing to the curb (usually), I’d rather not bore anyone with more statistics, etc. that you saw in Part 1. Instead, for Part 2, I want to discuss the complications for developers and, especially, SEOs who have to figure various search engines […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Use Google, Period (Part 1)

Use Google. Not Bing / Yahoo. Not Alta Vista. Just use Google. I know that for the SEOs reading, and maybe those of you who have seen the ridiculous Bing TV ads will wonder how I could have either the authority or the audacity to suggest that all other search engines are useless. However… I […]