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Getting “In Phase” with the SEO Tide

I was trying to think of a metaphor with which to compare SEO “trends” in this post, and I figured that the ocean tide is probably the best example. Tides come in and out on a scheduled basis due to the water’s reaction to gravitational forces. SEO “trends” go in and out (on a much […]

“The Future of Marketing” = Useless Phraseology

Everyone is a prophet in the digital marketing world, especially amongst bloggers. Whether or not these prophets end up as false prophets comes down to either luck or the self-evidence of their predictions. I just read an article on a blog that I usually like. But, today’s post was just too obvious (for the vast majority). Because […]

The First REAL Google Competitor

Almost anyone who searches the internet uses Google. A handful of people use Bing or Yahoo – and these people probably use Google too. Most people avoid other search engines because they don’t offer anything more than Google, and their user interfaces are so cluttered and ugly. Enter DuckDuckGo… Yes, the name isn’t simple and […]

You Should Probably Get on Google Plus

Quick post today… I do SEO for a lot of different business. To some extent, that means I bow to Google on a daily basis. So, I might be a bit biases when I urge people to get on Google Plus. However… I don’t recommend this just to look like I support Google in everything […]

French Macarons & Web Content Niches

First, I’m sure readers want to know why I’m discussing this content marketing as it relates to French macarons… If you didn’t know, The Mac Groups sits in dangerously close proximity to the Williamsville Spot Coffee location. Therein, French Macarons have enticed me for weeks at the counter – but they are ridiculously expensive. Normally, I have […]