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What is The Mac Groups About?

Company culture isn’t really something that you can plan. Business owners, supervisors and even employees do, from time to time, attempt to map out cultures, but those plans end up just reflecting the values and personalities of the planners. So, the culture ends up depending on those involved, no matter what. At TMG, as corny […]

Why Adults Under 39 are Moving Back to Buffalo

Buffalo has seen an influx of former residents in recent years. Millennials who once grew up in Western New York and moved on to bigger cities elsewhere in the country are coming back at a rapid rate. But why? It could be the bank incentives. Many banks here (and around the country) offer first home […]

How do Food Trends start in Social Media?

As with most things on social media, what is a trending food one day is thrown into compost the next. We once embraced cupcakes wholeheartedly, allowing for pop-up shops and wild experiments (Buffalo wing cupcakes; yes they’re real.) But now that’s over. So what is the recent food trend, you may ask? Good question. At […]

Our First Social Media Mascot Tryout a HUGE Success

This duck was getting really excited about social media this morning… Not really sure if I have anything else to say about this guy. He didn’t leave a name or number. If you’re out there little guy, you got the job. Unanimous decision. Ya start on Monday pal!  

9 Reasons Kurt Cobain Matters 20 Years Later

Tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the day that an electrician found Kurt Cobain, dead in his home. I was 4 (going on 5) years old. Thanks to my parents’ good taste in music, I listened to Nirvana at the time. Though I had no idea that he died, I would later learn of Kurt […]