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5 Lies that You’ll hear about SEO

SEO is not like a lot of other disciplines. It’s only been around for a little over a decade and, in that time, it has changed dramatically on a regular basis. Since that’s the case, people in and out of the trade throw around a lot of SEO legends. They start as rumors, turn into […]

Can The Business Owner be the Content / SEO Expert?

Now, don’t misunderstand the point in this article’s title. Business owners have a lot on their plates, so tackling SEO and content marketing is not something many business owners either have the time for, or want to do. That being said, getting involved with your content marketing team can prove beneficial both to the quality […]

Some Stats on our little April Fools Prank

So, who got out to see the Spiderman shoot yesterday? Alright, sorry if we got you with our April Fools joke. Also sorry for following suit with other companies who start their pranks a day early (Google, for example). But, maybe some of the stats will show you why you should get in on April […]

Why You should look at Google Trends at Least Once a Week

My guess is that most people haven’t heard of Google Trends. You know Google is a search engine, you know that they offer email and a relatively unpopular social network. You might even know that they are developing wearable technology, own Android and have a web browser. But, chances are you figure out what’s trending […]

Why Avoid Content Marketing in Your SEO Approach?

Last week, Search Engine Watch posted an article about techniques for avoiding content marketing in a successful search engine optimization. With a total of 8 techniques to supplement for content, my question is, why would you avoid content in favor of 8 other SEO approaches? Let’s go through each of these and see why I […]