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Wednesday Wisdom: Tell a Story with Your Website

Every business has a story to tell and every consumer likes a story. So, the idea is simple – use you website to tell a story. Of course, how should you accomplish this? Anyone could easily write a few paragraphs that explain a company’s history or business process. And, most people won’t want to read […]

Webpages that Benefit from Parallax Scrolling

Parallax scrolling is not necessarily a new web development technology, but it is becoming more prominent throughout the web. The basic idea is to create a foreground / background illusion by making certain content or images scroll at a faster rate than others. This allows for the illusion of a 3D landscape, as opposed to […]

Why You Don’t Need a Mobile Website in 2014

Alright, I will admit in the first sentence that this post’s title is meant to be a bit controversial or dramatic. However, there is some truth to it: you don’t need mobile web development in 2014. You need mobile functionality, which either a mobile website or a responsive design can offer. Personally, I prefer the […]

5 Benevolent Steps for SEO Linking

Inbound links used to be one of the most, if not the most important aspect of search engine optimization. Due to this fact, many webmasters, SEOs and business owners got involved in linking schemes, generating thousands of links to their websites in order to manipulate Google algorithms. However, these methods made for bad user experience, […]

Keeping Your Web Development Current

I will be the first to admit that technology moves far to quick for us to keep up. I’ve had an iPhone 4s for 2 years and now I’m two phones behind in the Apple world. Fortunately, my phone’s recency doesn’t affect my brand’s marketability. Well, at least not as much as my website’s recency. […]