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VERY Non-Traditional Advertising

Just found this awesome example of digital marketing: Sortie en Mer (A Trip out to Sea) by Guy Cotten. If you don’t have time to check out the actual website, check out this screen video cap: You may think… oh, this is just a video. However, it’s actually an interactive website. By scrolling, you can […]


Short post today… I just read a Steve Jobs Quote: “Innovation is saying no to thousands of things.” A quick buck is pretty easy to get. In fact, you can make plenty of money by simply destroying something. Look at what happened to the Larkin Office Building in downtown Buffalo, during the Depression. Buyers demolished it […]

Ask Questions that your Users Ask

We just had a meeting with a really cool new client. They presented their product very well – a product that benefits the buyer not only in the sense of its utility, but also in that it really saves money and time while reducing waste. But, a miracle product like that makes the user ask […]

3 Major 2014 Web Development & Design Trends

In the past two years or so, web developers and visual experts have made some incredible strides in both website functionality and general aesthetics. So, any modern site will probably incorporate a responsive layout and, in one way or another, a streamlined look, feel and functionality. However, that by no means limits possibilities. Even with […]

Google Street View Inside Your Business

If you haven’t seen Google Street View, it is really cool. You can explore neighborhoods, view 3D panoramas and basically see every major city in the world. Now, you can get that technology in your business. Imagine the ability to give, say, a tour of your Buffalo hotel to people out in California. What if […]