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5 Lies that You’ll hear about SEO

SEO is not like a lot of other disciplines. It’s only been around for a little over a decade and, in that time, it has changed dramatically on a regular basis. Since that’s the case, people in and out of the trade throw around a lot of SEO legends. They start as rumors, turn into […]

Why You should look at Google Trends at Least Once a Week

My guess is that most people haven’t heard of Google Trends. You know Google is a search engine, you know that they offer email and a relatively unpopular social network. You might even know that they are developing wearable technology, own Android and have a web browser. But, chances are you figure out what’s trending […]

A Short SEO Dictionary

A lot of people probably struggle with SEO terminology, and understandably so. We throw around a lot of terms and sometimes I’m even guilty of interchanging words that means different things – or even making up my own terms. Therefore, I’ve compiled 10 terms for those of our readers who want to know how to […]

3 Reasons to Chill About SEO Ranking Fluctuation

Your search engine rankings are based upon a myriad of complex factors. As a business owner, you might be tempted to view your rankings as a simple thing, such as Google viewing your ice cream shop’s informational website and assigning it a rating for a query like “Buffalo ice cream shop.” However, this is not […]

A TMG Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Primer

You may have noticed on our services page a new section called “Content Marketing.” In many people’s eyes, this is a more accurate term for the traditional term: search engine optimization. The reason being that, modern SEO is based around content – good, solid, helpful, fresh content. That being said, I want to provide our […]