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Wednesday “Wisdom”: Use Google, Period (Part 3)

The past two weeks in Wednesday “Wisdom,” we’ve discussed using Google and neglecting other search engines. This week, we’ll go against the grain and suggest that… maybe… Bing and Yahoo have something to offer both in their extra features and their search results. I realize that the title of this post is still “Use Google, […]

Wednesday “Wisdom” – Use Google, Period (Part 2)

Alright… While I definitely have more search examples to show that Google kicks Bing to the curb (usually), I’d rather not bore anyone with more statistics, etc. that you saw in Part 1. Instead, for Part 2, I want to discuss the complications for developers and, especially, SEOs who have to figure various search engines […]

Two Topic Tuesday: Google Glass & Amazon

Not sure which of these topics is more exciting, so I’ll just start with… Google Glass Google has added some neat and trendy looking frames to its forthcoming Glass product. To me, Glass is a product like no other, but not for the reasons Google wants. After all, according to everyone’s favorite source, Wikipedia, wearable […]

Friday Free-For-All: Google Goes Top Gear & More…

It’s Friday, which means our blog post will feature somewhat random youtube videos and/or links. We are definitely going to avoid touching the Bieber madness in the news this week, especially since Mashable seems to have done a pretty good job thus far. However, this is pretty cool: Maybe this resource will make it a […]

5 Concepts for a Google-Friendly New Year

Business owners who have had websites for long enough have usually heard of SEO. Chances are, they’ve hired people to optimize their website for Google, etc., and this may or may not have worked. Search Engine Optimization is a fluid practice, constantly changing (sometimes majorly, sometimes slightly). So, if you think the keyword meta tag […]