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Engagement & Your Social Media Marketing

For businesses in certain industries, it’s easy to lean toward jargon-filled, informational posts on Facebook and Twitter. Whether you work in the medical, legal, engineering or architectural industries, you will need to fight the urge to bore your followers. Yes, people do like to know the various surgeries that your hospital performs, but they can […]

New Design & Layout for Facebook Business Pages

If you perform social media marketing on Facebook, you may have received a message offering to add you to the waiting list for an updated design. Let’s take a look at the layout you have: This is the old or current layout for a Facebook business page. You are probably fairly used to it by […]

Another Blizzard – Another Win for Social Media

Blue Monk, Coles, Mike’s Subs and Agave. Four Buffalo restaurants, all packed to the brim during an insane blizzard that virtually shut down Western New York. As Blue Monk’s Mike Schatzel points out in this article, Buffalo is all about lending a helping hand and grabbing a drink. Blue Monk and Coles had very good crowds while […]

Social Media Tip – People Love Watching Kids

Babies, toddlers, etc… People love to watch them. It’s probably the innocence and inexperienced way that they see the world. That’s why videos like this is so effective: If you want to convey a message, use children. Also, if you want to be funny, use kids: So, lesson learned… incorporate kids into social media marketing, […]

Media Mondays: Sell Pizza or Fill a Bar with Social Media

How do you promote a pizzeria on Valentine’s Day? Launch a social media promotion… Mike’s sold the most pizzas in a single day since they launched the pizza line in June last year! But that’s not all… Cole’s had a USA hockey event at 7:00 am, Saturday morning. How do you get people to a […]