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Re: Social Media Brands and Businesses Taken for a Ride

I think that the best way to begin this post would be to say that we don’t need to respond on this topic. Our clients see continual growth through social media and we have no need to go on the defensive. However, a certain South African businessman published an interesting article that makes some very […]

Media Mondays: Super Bowl 48 Ads

Super Bowl 48 ended up being rather dull insofar as we’re concerned. Although we were met with one of the better halftime shows in recent memory. But, being a social media company, and being rather personally obsessed with marketing, let’s talk about the ads. And, let’s keep in mind that “ads” doesn’t just mean TV […]

The Buffalo Blizzard, Bars & Social Media

  While much of the country moaned and complained—Buffalonians made the most of the 2014 Blizzard by hitting up the bars! You may have seen this story on Time Warner News. The question is… how did all the people at The Blue Monk and Coles know what bars stayed open on Tuesday?   Answer… you […]

K-I-S-S: Keep It Simple…

I tutored English in college. The best advice that I probably gave students was probably that the delete button is the best function on the keyboard. As someone receiving advice, you could take this one of two ways: direct criticism of your ideas or an encouragement to consider simplicity with your language. I meant it […]

4.5 Social Media Steps to take on a Snow Day

WNY can be rough sometimes and we know it now more than most other times of the year. Snow, wind and chills make travel difficult and can prevent us from getting to work. But, does a snow day mean that you have to take a loss? Yes and no. Depending on your particular industry, an […]