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Things that Sabotage Your Twitter “Marketing”

Twitter is a funny outlet. When it works, it really works. When it fails, you’ll end up having wasted a lot of time. The thing is, Twitter has been around long enough that it has developed its own unspoken rules and ways of operating. If you are new to it, you might not pick up […]

Humanize your brand with Photos in Social Media

One thing that a lot of businesses struggle with in social media marketing is the aspect of humanization. People tend to overlook the affect that a group photo has on a Facebook or Twitter user. Include a either a candid or planned photo on Facebook or Twitter as often as possible for these reasons:   Social […]

Facebook & Twitter: The Old & the New

A few weeks ago, we did a short post on the new Facebook redesign. Today, we’ll get a bit more specific so that our social media marketing clients can have a firm understanding of how exactly their accounts will change… The New Facebook Layout: Facebook introduced its newest redesign in early March 2014, and will […]

Our First Social Media Mascot Tryout a HUGE Success

This duck was getting really excited about social media this morning… Not really sure if I have anything else to say about this guy. He didn’t leave a name or number. If you’re out there little guy, you got the job. Unanimous decision. Ya start on Monday pal!  

Some Stats on our little April Fools Prank

So, who got out to see the Spiderman shoot yesterday? Alright, sorry if we got you with our April Fools joke. Also sorry for following suit with other companies who start their pranks a day early (Google, for example). But, maybe some of the stats will show you why you should get in on April […]