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Marketing Takeaways from the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’ve been on social media at all in the past few weeks, you’ve probably noticed the crazy amount of people hopping on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bandwagon. What started out as a quirky movement to raise awareness and funding for Lou Gehrig’s Disease went full-blown viral, and has now seen more than 1 million people post Facebook videos […]

I Have to Pay Facebook for Reach?

The unfortunate answer to that question is a resounding yes. For quite a few years after Facebook first started, when brands were jumping on the bandwagon left and right, we experienced a golden age of reach that will probably never be seen again in the social media world. Any brand could start their own Facebook business page […]

Donald Trump, The Bills & Social Media

Could it be good for your brand to say something naive and narcissistic about a relatively sensitive regional (and national) topic? I can think of one man who might answer “yes” to that question: Yes, the Donald is not out of the Buffalo Bills Buyers Race, as he tweeted the following on the 24th: Many […]

Jerry Seinfeld on Social Media, etc.

If you’ve ever had any etiquette questions regarding social media or technology, why ask anyone other than Seinfeld? That’s basically all you need to know, right?

3 Reasons NOT to Link Your Social Media Accounts

The internet operates with more social media sites than most people could probably identify. Many of these, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube have the ability to “link” so that anything that you post to one, will also post to the others. But – that can land you in some trouble. Seriously. I mean, imagine […]